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Blooms and Breezes: 25 Spring Scents to Welcome the Season

Updated: Mar 5

As the vibrant hues of blossoming flowers and the sweet melodies of birdsong signal the arrival of spring, there’s no better way to celebrate the season’s renewal at the end of March than by indulging in a journey through 25 enchanting spring scents. From the delicate florals that grace blooming gardens to the crisp and invigorating fragrances inspired by the awakening outdoors, this collection embodies the essence of springtime. 

In this Redfin article, we unveil a palette of scents designed to usher in the season with freshness, vitality, and a touch of floral elegance. So whether you are trying to usher in spring in your home in Providence, RI, or your apartment in Boston, MA, let’s uncover the spirit of spring with our curated selection of scents that capture the time of the year.

1. Bitter orange blossom 

Bitter orange blossom is a fragrant and aromatic flower derived from the citrus aurantium tree, known for its distinctive bitter and floral notes commonly used in perfumery. “At the onset of spring, I love to use beautiful neroli, also known as bitter orange blossom. Being one of the most fragrant flowers, orange blossoms are an indispensable material in the perfume industry, and neroli is one of the most popular essential oils, as it not only offers great therapeutic properties but also has the most incredible and intensely exotic citrusy-sweet and fresh, floral smell,” shares Emmas So Natural

2. Cherry blossoms 

Cherry blossoms are the delicate flowers of cherry trees, celebrated for their enchanting beauty and symbolic significance, particularly in Japanese culture, where they represent the fleeting nature of life and the arrival of spring. PNW Candle Co notes, “One of our favorite scents for the spring season is the fresh and floral scent of cherry blossoms. It’s our favorite because it fills the air with a delicate and uplifting fragrance that perfectly captures the essence of spring. The scent of cherry blossoms reminds us of blossoming trees, sunny days, and new beginnings, making it the perfect scent to bring a fresh and joyful ambiance to any space during this season.”

3. Lavender 

Lavender emits a calming and herbaceous fragrance characterized by its sweet, floral, and slightly earthy notes. LNB Candles shares, “Welcome lavender into your home for your spring scent. It’s our favorite because not only does it make your home smell fresh, but it is also known to add calmness to your mind and ease anxiety.” “Lavender, my go-to scent year-round, evokes memories of a magical French escape. Its natural essence uplifts, calms, and unwinds. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to melted wax for a therapeutic aroma,” adds Lova Candles.

4. Lavender meets chamomile 

Lavender chamomile is a soothing and aromatic blend that combines the calming properties of lavender with the gentle, floral notes of chamomile. “The best scent for spring is a blend of lavender and chamomile,” remarks Gold Canyon Candles. “It fills your home with the aroma of a peaceful lavender field, The smell of lavender has also been found to reduce fight or flight activity and increase feelings of calmness. Spring is the perfect time to focus on relaxation, feel the sun on your face, and surround yourself with the scent of lavender and chamomile.”

5. Lavender peppermint

Lavender peppermint is a refreshing blend that merges the calming, floral tones of lavender with the invigorating and cooling menthol notes of peppermint. “Lavender peppermint is the perfect spring scent, combining the calming floral notes of lavender with the invigorating freshness of peppermint. Its delightful aroma evokes the essence of blooming gardens and rejuvenating breezes, making it ideal for the season of renewal,” notes Bear Natural Organics.

6. Red currant and juniper 

Red currant and juniper combine to form a dynamic and aromatic fusion, intertwining the sweet-tart profile of red currants with the earthy and slightly piney nuances of juniper.

“When paired, red currant and juniper embody the essence of spring with its invigorating blend, capturing the vibrancy of the season with crisp notes of red currant and juniper berries, evoking the awakening of nature and the blooming beauty of spring,” shares Therapy With Me Candle Company®️.

7. Sea salt and orchid 

Sea salt and orchids come together to create a unique and captivating blend, where the crisp, briny notes of sea salt harmonize with the delicate, floral essence of orchids. Honey’s Natural Candles says, “My absolute favorite spring scent is our sea salt and orchid. This scent combines the sweet scent of orchid with the crisp scent of ocean water and is perfect for getting you ready for the change in season. This scent invokes memories of spring picnics, carefree weekends, and spending time with loved ones and reminds us that summer is just around the corner.”

8. Vetiver and jasmine

Vetiver and jasmine combine to produce a luxurious and balanced fragrance, blending the earthy, woody tones of vetiver with the sweet and intoxicating floral notes of jasmine. “Scents of vetiver and jasmine intertwine like a playful dance of fragrant fairies, whisking you away to a garden where laughter blooms with every breeze. Like the whispers of a mischievous spring zephyr, they wrap you in a cocoon of nature’s joy. Embracing vetiver and jasmine is akin to a whimsical stroll through a floral wonderland, where each sniff unveils a chapter of the season’s enchanting tale,” states Shemeka Wright, CEO of Be You Candles.

9. Fresh-cut gardenia 

Fresh-cut gardenia captures the intoxicating and lush aroma of recently harvested gardenia blossoms, offering a rich, floral bouquet with sweet and creamy undertones. “My favorite spring scent is fresh-cut gardenia,” notes A Little Candle Co. “It’s so bright and lovely with blooming gardenia flowers, tuberose, and jasmine. This scent is pure nostalgia for me. It takes me back to being a child, playing in a yard full of beautiful white, blooming flowers.”

10. Sweet pea and dandelion 

Sweet pea and dandelion form a whimsical and light-hearted combination, where the sweet and floral essence of sweet pea intertwines with the airy, slightly herbal notes of dandelion. Sarah Hart, Founder & Creative Director of Simply Curated, says, “My favorite scent for spring is sweet pea and dandelion because it reminds me of the beginning of the garden season in spring when sweet peas are blooming and you’re digging around planting your summer garden. The soil is warm enough, and the sunshine reminds you that warmer and brighter days are ahead.”

11. Lilac, rose and jasmine

Lilac, rose, and jasmine unite to create an enchanting and intricate bouquet, where the sweet and nostalgic lilac intertwines with the romantic and velvety notes of the rose. In contrast, the exotic and intoxicating jasmine adds a touch of uniqueness. “Transport yourself to the serene beauty of an English garden in full bloom with this captivating candle scent. The botanical fragrance blends subtle green florals with fresh lilac, rich roses, and sweet jasmine. This luxurious candle creates the perfect ambiance to welcome in the warmth of spring,” remarks Katie Bono of Sophie Kate Candles.

12. Vanilla

Vanilla, with its warm and sweet aroma, is derived from the pods of the vanilla orchid. This versatile fragrance is known for its comforting and inviting qualities, often used in perfumes, candles, and food. Caroline Ann Ranoia, owner of Sea Foam Soap Company, says, “What we’ve been focusing on is a fusion of timeless sophistication and contemporary fragrances with fresh florals infused with bottom notes of vanilla. The scent is timeless and sophisticated, refreshing and will be the center stage this season.”

13. Lemon and vanilla

Lemon and vanilla create a harmonious blend that marries the zesty and bright citrus notes of lemon with the sweet, creamy, and comforting aroma of vanilla. “A great spring scent is lemon and vanilla. The combination of zesty and comfort creates a balanced blend that captures the freshness and warmth of spring. The citrusy lemon awakens my senses, and the sweet vanilla lifts memories of sunny days and blooming flowers,” says Hon’s Honey.

14. Citrus 

Citrus, encompassing a range of fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits, imparts a vibrant and invigorating fragrance. “In spring, I can’t get enough of the zesty fragrance of citrus, whether it’s grapefruit, lemon, or orange. These scents bring a burst of energy into my space, perfectly reflecting the rejuvenating spirit of the season as the world outside wakes up from winter. Citrus scents are my go-to choice for welcoming springtime, setting the perfect mood for a fresh start,” raves Nalana Lillie Owner, Book Scents.

15. Citrus and vanilla medlies

Citrus vanilla is a delightful fusion that combines the lively and refreshing notes of citrus, such as oranges or lemons, with the sweet and comforting warmth of vanilla. “Our favorite scent this spring is a lively blend of citrus and vanilla. Infused with invigorating citrus notes and a touch of rich vanilla, it exudes a refreshing aura of renewal, perfectly capturing the essence of spring’s vibrant atmosphere. Light this candle to embark on a journey of new beginnings and embrace the rejuvenating spirit of the season,” states Aromasthesia Candle.

16. Yulan magnolia

Yulan magnolia, scientifically known as Magnolia denudata, possesses a captivating fragrance characterized by its sweet, citrusy, and slightly spicy notes. “My favorite scent for the spring that I like is Yulan magnolia scent,” shares FLYTINBOTTLE. “We can see Yulan magnolia everywhere with white, pink, and red colors and smell its scent miles away. The scent attracts bees and butterflies flying around them.”

17. Tulips

Tulips carry a fresh and clean fragrance reminiscent of springtime. The scent of tulips is generally subtle, with floral notes that are both sweet and mild.  Vuur Lont Candle Co. remarks, “The scent of tulips in spring is my absolute favorite. Tulips evoke the anticipation of warmer days as they are one of the first flowers to bloom in the early spring. It’s a unique and refreshing fragrance, reminding me that the change of seasons is imminent and filling the air with the promise of new beginnings.”

18. Lavender and raspberry 

Lavender and raspberry form a delightful pairing, marrying the soothing, herbaceous aroma of lavender with the sweet and tart essence of ripe raspberries. “When we think of spring, we think of all things growing and flourishing, so lavender and raspberry truly evoke this time of year,” states Dulceria Candle Supply. “It captures the essence of a tranquil herb garden and a bright fruit plant in full bloom.”

19. Oakmoss 

Oakmoss has a rich, earthy, and woody fragrance with subtle undertones of mossy and balsamic notes. Derived from lichens that grow on oak trees, oakmoss is a common ingredient in perfumery, adding depth and a touch of forest floor essence to fragrances. “Oakmoss captures the essence of spring’s awakening with its rich, sylvan fragrance, shares Sable Candle Co. “This complex scent blends woody, earthy, and slightly aquatic notes, symbolizing the cycle of renewal and the promise of sun-kissed moments. It reminds us of nature’s resilience, inviting our senses to connect with the enduring spirit of the natural world."

20. Roses

Roses exude a timeless and classic fragrance characterized by their sweet, floral, and slightly spicy notes. “Spring makes me think of that perfect scent of roses, like walking through a lush garden full of flowers in the hills of Italy on a warm evening. It’s this smell of roses that brings spring to life for me. It’s vibrant and fresh, with a mix of blackcurrant leaves and verbena to add something extra,” says Lazeé.

21. Tomato leaf

Tomato leaf has a unique and distinctive green aroma with herbaceous and slightly earthy undertones. The fragrance is often described as fresh, crisp, and reminiscent of the tomato plant itself. “Our favorite spring scent is tomato leaf,” shares Sense by The Falls. “This fragrance has earthy and bright notes and puts us immediately in the mood for gardening. One of the best things about springtime is starting our vegetable garden, and tomato leaf fragrance allows us to experience fond memories of planting and harvesting all year long."

22. Peach nectar

Peach nectar emanates a luscious and sweet fragrance, capturing the succulent and juicy essence of ripe peaches. The aroma is often characterized by its fruity, slightly floral notes.

The Wright Beauty Candle Company LLCnotes, “The best scent to welcome in the spring is Peach nectar.  Our peach nectar blend is a refreshing scent of rich amaretto, banana, and lime incorporated into a juicy heart of peach, mango, and papaya.” 

23. Earth scents 

Earth scents evoke the natural and grounding aromas associated with the outdoors. These fragrances often include elements such as damp soil, fresh grass, moss, and woody undertones. “The magic of spring, for me, is best captured in rich, earthy scents. Aromas that conjure up the fertile energy of loamy soil and hope for the future a single seed can bring,” states Fundamental Magick.

24. Rain and angelica

Rain and angelica blend to create a fresh and invigorating fragrance. The crisp, clean scent of raindrops harmonizes with the herbal and slightly sweet notes of angelica, resulting in a unique combination that captures the essence of a revitalizing rain shower and the aromatic charm of the angelica plant. “One of my favorite scents for spring is rain and angelica because it brings a sense of renewal and freshness to the air,” remarks Scented Sentiments Co LLC. “The earthy, clean aroma of rain paired with the delicate floral notes of angelica remind me of the gentle showers that nourish the earth and encourage new growth during the spring season. It’s the perfect scent to uplift the spirits and evoke the sense of hope and rejuvenation that accompanies the arrival of spring.”

25. Magnolia and woodsy scents

Magnolia and woody notes combine the floral elegance of magnolia blossoms with the grounding and earthy essence of the earth. “Magnolia mixed with woods is spring in all its splendor, infusing your space with the enchanting charm of new beginnings. This scent combines the allure of fresh magnolia blooms with the grounding essence of cedarwood, mahogany, and rosewood, delicately intertwined with amber and spring moss,” shares Sugi Tree Studio.

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