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Our natural solid lotion bar is packed with skin moisturizing goodness. It is infused with moisturizing oils, natural butter, and beeswax to deeply nourish and moisturize your skin without being greasy.


This zero-waste moisture lotion bar contains shea butter that helps soften dry skin and reduce skin swelling. The cocoa butter in this organic lotion helps lock moisture in the skin and its antioxidant properties fight free radical damage to make your skin young-looking and softer.


This handcrafted lotion bar is also filled with hemp seed oil and almond oil to help reduce inflammation, balance natural skin oils, repair damage, and calm irritation.


Beeswax in the lotion forms a natural barrier on the skin to seal moisture and protect the skin from environmental irritants, which is especially beneficial in the winter months. Its skin-softening properties also enhance skin elasticity and softness.


Experience the difference handcrafted makes.  This lotion does not contain Palm Oil and is handcrafted in small batches in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Handcrafted Lotion Bars

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